3 Butter  body Bang!  8 oz.

3 Butter body Bang! 8 oz.

This 3 butter  body bang is coming in to Attack that dry, hard to please skin on contact.  Loaded with Shea butter, mango butter,and Cocoa butter.  Yes, it is a Triple Threat alright.  You will see ashy, dry, and hard headed patches no more with this butter. Formulated just  for those with skin that just has a mind of it's own.  GREAT for blemishes you want to minimize, and dark areas on elbows,and knees with consistent use. 
  • Details

    May be used daily, but works superb after bath or shower to smooth over lightly damp skin, and allow it to dissolve into the skin and it will be ready the next morning to shortened your morning routine in a jiffy. Chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants, and fatty acids,you can't go wrong. It is creamy, oh so buttery, and the smell is citrusy with a hint of Orange and Lemon essential oil. A very Zesty scent to say the least.
    NOTE: you will not receive in container you see. For photography purposes only.