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7.5-8 oz Lavender 'Love' face./body scrub

7.5-8 oz Lavender 'Love' face./body scrub


Hello Lavender!! This face and body scrub will awaken your tired,and bombed out senses. Lavender is already known to soothe and correct negative energy. When those days creep up on you, just indulge in this scrub and give yourself a double dose of serenity. You will pamper yourself into a positive emotion. Apply to face and slough off tired, dead skin cells to release the beautiful, vibrant skin underneath. This scrub is also great to treat the rest of your body, down to your feet. Rub,and caress your tender, tired feet into total relaxation.
Lightly wet skin, apply scrub gently in circular motion, then rinse off in shower or tub.

Ingredients-Coconut oil, sea salt(finely ground) argan oil, essential oil