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7.5-8oz Pink 'Pizazz' Body scrub

7.5-8oz Pink 'Pizazz' Body scrub


Pink 'Pizazz' is what it's called. It is loaded with great ingredients such as the Pink Himalayan sea salt,and finely grinded sea salt with argan oil, to name a few. You will be blushing all day after a treatment with this body scrub.
It'll be your best kept secret!
Caution- use in tub or shower, as it is very slippery.

Ingredients-Coconut oil, sea salt(finely ground) pink himalayan sea salt, argan oil, fragrance

  • Details

    The aroma of the Juicy Strawberry fragrance will have you forgetting that you are not on vacation,and just throw yourself into an oasis of calmness. Once you spread over the skin gently in circular motion, then rinse off in the shower or bath, You will immediately feel the effects of the coconut oil softening your skin. The salts along with the coconut oil pack a 1 2 3 punch in getting rid of that old and dead skin that is covering your pretty skin. Enjoy the benefits of the Pink sea salt with therapeutic properties. Soak yourself into a wellness journey.
    NOTE:: This product may be used on face, but test a small area first. Use 1-2 times per week. If irritation starts, use only once per week, or stop using all together.