Cranberry Spice fragrance oil

Cranberry Spice fragrance oil

Yes, A smile is what this scent will put on your face!  Be illuminated with of course shiny, smooth skin, but not sticky or wet.  Just pure unadulterated silky skin. Feel the air around you automatically change once this scent is sprayed on your body, or your hair. Imagine the people you will entertain with this product. It is for anytime wear, so don't be shy about it. 
Cranberry Spice fragrance oil
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    Be spicy,and make no apologies about it. Your mood will certainly change after this oil is sprayed on. The Cranberries are fresh with a delicious mix of citrus dancing with spice.
    Need I say more?! Keep the morale up around you with gently smiles all the time. Give a smile, and get one back with this show stopper product. Enjoy the wandering eyes and noses looking for 'YOU', the one that is smelling so Divine. Enjoy the attention.
    Note" Not an All Natural product.

What people are saying

I feel so Velvety soft when I put on the Lavish's like really good food you don't want to stop eating...I want to keep putting more on and feeling my Velvety soft skin.


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