Falling In Love fragrance oil

Falling In Love fragrance oil

Just one spritz,and you sure will fall in Love all over again. Just like the others, this oil is light, airy,and very moisturizing. Once you spray, it just glides onto your skin. A little goes a long way. Build bragging rights with soft to the touch skin,and happy, hydrated skin. 
Falling in Love Fragrance oil
  • Details

    This scent is very modest, not overpowering at all. You will grab for this citrus, yet perfume scent more often than not. Your sense of smell will be overwhelmed with joy after that first inhale. Enjoy!
    NOTE Not an All Natural product.

What people are saying

I feel so Velvety soft when I put on the Lavish lux...it's like really good food you don't want to stop eating...I want to keep putting more on and feeling my Velvety soft skin.


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