Egyptian dragon fragrance oil-8oz.

Egyptian dragon fragrance oil-8oz.


A warm blend of myrth, dragons blood, patchouli, and also with an oh so precious blend of notes with rose and jasmine, but kissed with base notes of woodsy musk.

NOTE:: has a Vanilla content of 4.5%

  • Are you Ready!

    This 8 oz. bottle of Pure goodness is gonna astound you! A different kind of scent, but if you've been looking for that musk' vibe, then here you have it. 

    You will not want to wash it off it smell so good,but do your best. 

     Ingredients- just like our other fragrance oils, packed with the good stuff-Water, olive oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, fragrance

What people are saying

I feel so Velvety soft when I put on the Lavish's like really good food you don't want to stop eating...I want to keep putting more on and feeling my Velvety soft skin.


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