CREAMY' COCONUT face/body scrub-8oz.

CREAMY' COCONUT face/body scrub-8oz.


Pamper yourself with this coconut laden body scrub. Wanna go to paradise?. well here is your free trip. It gets rid of that dead skin,and allow the new to shine through. Use at least twice a week for maximum results. If irritation occurs, you may need to only use once a week, or stop usage altogether.
Lightly wet skin, rub on skin in circular motion, then rinse off in tub or shower.

**********Glas jar for promotional use only.

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    This product may be used on face, but test a small area first to make sure you are not too sensitive. Be amazed at the other great ingredients like finely grinded sea salt, and argan oil.
    Be brave enough to accept the soft, smooth,and glow that will immediately come through after just one application. Have fun revealing your beautiful skin from face to feet. Your whole body will thank you. Get ready for your all day 'Just for me' spa day. Schedule plenty of time,because the creamy coconut fragrance oil will pull you into a no nonsense concept of time. Enjoy!