Strawbenade' fragrance oil

Strawbenade' fragrance oil

I don't wanna go Religious on you, but Oh my Lord, this scent is Divine!! It is fused with splashes of lemon essential oil,and this Juicy Strawberry fragrance oil. It will send your nostrils to an elevated height.  It's soft and strong at the same time.  How about that for a two scented product.  Beauty doesn't just look good, it smells good too!! Order this product and see for yourself. 
Superb for vacations, bridal party, or any special event. stock up!
Strawbenade' oil
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    Great for after shower, after workout, or whenever you want to freshen up. Same great ingredients. Grapeseed oil, organ oil, and olive oil, to name a few of the few products I use. It doesn't take a lot to look and smell like a million dollars. That's a fact.

    test small area of body first, if allergies, do not use. Not all Natural.

What people are saying

I feel so Velvety soft when I put on the Lavish's like really good food you don't want to stop eating...I want to keep putting more on and feeling my Velvety soft skin.


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